Friday, November 8, 2013

NUS glory intact at the Singapore Masters 2013

27 October, Toa Payoh swimming complex. Strong appearance of our team in one of the key events of the calendar! Dramatic races under heavy rain, sound thunder, and flashing lightnings. Great indulge with beer, laksa and lots of fun.
Top left: Pepe during IM 200 m; Bottom left: Alberto and Leo at the finish of 200 m freestyle; Top Right: Torpedo launch by Pepe; Bottom right: Fabio and Pepe enjoying laksa; 
Center: The team: Fabio (1 silver, 1 bronze
), Alberto (2 gold), Pepe (1 silver, 1 bronze + spectator's choice award), Leo (1 gold, 1 silver), Qingsong (2 bronze). 

Sven is carefully following the live broadcast of the event
(somewhere in the Southern hemisphere)

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