Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aquathlon season 2012

The SAFRA Biathlon is usually the kick-off event for the aquathlon season. Traditionally the date is announced bit more short notice, but it's been in early February in recent years. The MetaSprint (formerly Tribob) Aquathlon is Feb 19. The NUS Biathlon may be towards end of March again. Stay posted on our "Events" tab for most recent updates on upcoming events and competitions.

Those not keen on running, please raise your hand if you're eager to form a relay team with one of our speedy staff runners. We'll try to coordinate/hook you up with each other.

Be prepared for another round of fun open-water trainings in Jan/Feb (usually Saturday morning on Sentosa, followed by Brunch). Volunteers wanted for helping organize the aquathlon season - please shout out.

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