Monday, June 11, 2012

NUS athlete Itsuko wins Bintan Triathlon 2012

Fantastic achievement! Itsuko clinched 1st place overall (women) in the recent Bintan Triathlon! She emerged the champion out of a total of 96 total female participants, clocking 2:30:50. Itsuko swam the 1.5 km in 29 minutes, which she feels wasn't "that fast", but she sped up even further during the biking and eventually surpassed a lot of her opponents during the run as she told us. A harsh rainstorm right before the race had resulted in a wet transition point! Her shoes, socks, bikes...everything was in the water. She even had to collect her floating shoes from a puddle of water at the transition. But in the end, it all worked out nicely for her. A BIG congratulations to Itsuko, who will be participating in the Frankfurt IM in early July! We wish her all the best!!

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